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    Understanding How Your Mortgage Interest Rate is Calculated

    Last updated 2 days 12 hours ago

    When it comes to mortgages, there are two types of interest calculations: a principle-and-interest, amortized mortgage, and an interest-only mortgage. With the former, the principle is reduced on the loan from each payment; most of that goes to interest, but the mortgage is designed to pay out completely. On an interest-only mortgage, you only have to pay the monthly interest, and your interest is calculated on the balance for as long as you have the mortgage. The two types of calculations are further explained in the video.

    No matter which type of mortgage you prefer, Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. can help you find a home. We feature listings of houses and rental properties in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties, which you can see on our website at

    Signs It's Time to Move to a Bigger House

    Last updated 9 days ago

    As things develop in your life, you might need a bigger home than the one you bought several years ago. Whether it's due to the arrival of kids or a raise in income, it's wise to stay abreast of the real estate market to know about your options. The following are among the top reasons why people seek out larger houses and rental properties.

    You're Having Children
    If you and your significant other live in a small home, things could get mighty crowded when children enter the picture. A two-bedroom home might be large enough for the firstborn, but even that could seem clustered when the second baby arrives. So when there's a bun in the oven, it could be time to contact a real estate agent about moving into a bigger house.

    Your Income Increases
    When you start making more money, you owe it to yourself to upgrade your living situation. Travel and fine dining are among the things to embrace as wealth accumulates; a new home is another. Some people live in rental properties while climbing the ladder, and then claim large chunks of real estate after landing big promotions. But regardless of where you lived when starting out, a bigger house is among the rewards of hitting the big time.

    You Need More Space
    If you do lots of art, crafts, or even operate a business out of your home, an average-sized house could be too small. For activities like painting or jewelry-making, a house with an extra room might better suit your needs. In any case, when home-based activities outgrow the house, it's time to contact a real estate agent about bigger and better options.

    No matter how much living space you need, Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. lists all kinds of houses and rental properties. To view our range of listings in Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk counties, visit our website at

    How Much Is Your Home Worth?

    Last updated 18 days ago

    If you are planning to sell your home, it is important to understand local real estate trends to get a better idea of its value. The actual worth of your home depends on what a real buyer will pay.

    You can try to get an appraisal, look into neighborhood absorption rates, and figure out comparable sales in your area. If you are still having trouble determining the value of your home, you might want to talk to a realtor. Check out this video for more great tips.

    Whether you are looking to sell your home or find a rental property, Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. is here for you. We give you easy access to property listings and buyer and seller resources that help you conquer the real estate market. Visit to learn more.

    Signs It's Time to Move to a New City

    Last updated 26 days ago

    You should be happy where you live. If your current location no longer offers benefits that make it feel like home, it might be time to consider moving to a new city.

    If you can relate to any of the following, you might want to think about finding a new city in which to live:

    You Have Lived in One Place for More than Ten Years

    If you have never really taken the chance on a new place, a big change might lead to a whole host of new opportunities in your life. It is easy to comfortable in a city and stop trying to reach your full potential. If you have lived in one place for a long time and feel like you need a challenge, check out some new cities and consider a big relocation.

    You Have Always Wanted to Live Somewhere

    Why should you keep putting off moving to a place where you have always wanted to live? If New York City has always been your dream, give yourself a chance to be truly happy and start looking at real estate in the city. Whether you are interested in rental properties or buying a home, now is the time to try something new and perhaps find a place that you truly love.

    You Have Certain Career Goals

    Certain places do not help you achieve your career goals. If you feel like you have gone as far as you can in your current location, you should consider setting your sights on a bigger city. A bigger city leads to bigger and better job opportunities that can help you have the career of your dreams.

    Whether you want to buy or rent a property, Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. can help you find your next home. Our listing services put you in touch with real estate listings in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties. Visit us online at to start browsing through listings that can help you with your next move.

    Your Guide to Sunnyside, Queens

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Queens County has a lot of unique and interesting neighborhoods with some great real estate. If you are looking to buy a place or find a new rental property, you might want to set your sights on Sunnyside, Queens. 

    This neighborhood has plenty of cultural diversity that helps you get the true American experience. Sunnyside is an affordable area with a lot of safe, residential neighborhoods. It is located near good schools and is just a short ride to Midtown, Manhattan on the subway. With easy access to neighboring Greenport and Astoria, you can easily find a huge selection of restaurants and nightlife opportunities.

    Whether you want to live in Sunnyside or head out to Long Island, Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. makes it easy to find your next home. We give you access to a huge amount of real estate listings so you can find exactly what you want in your properties. To learn more about our listings, check us out at 

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