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    Tips for Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood for You

    Last updated 1 day 14 hours ago

    There’s so much more to choosing the right home than the real estate itself. You want to be sure that you are moving into a good neighborhood that is perfectly suited for your needs and lifestyle. You also want to make sure that the home you settle on has a good chance of retaining its value or even increasing in value by the time you either retire or are ready to sell. Here are a few pointers for finding the right neighborhood.

    Look Beyond the School System
    The local schools are still a good starting point when judging the state of a neighborhood, but they aren’t everything anymore. Take a tour of the roads and streets surrounding your potential real estate. Are the homes nice and well kept? Are there a lot of “For Sale” signs around the neighborhood, or does everyone look fairly well settled?

    Look at the Surrounding Area
    Next, take a ride into town and really take the time to analyze what you see. Are there plenty of small businesses that seem to be thriving? Are the streets and sidewalks well maintained? Have the roads been repaved since the 1960s? All of these things can be indicators as to how well the area is doing financially. If things seem run down, establishments are going out of business, or there’s a general feel of just getting by, you probably want to avoid settling down there.

    Talk to People
    You can observe and research all day, but ultimately you’re going to want the honest feedback of people who actually live there. These are people who you may be getting to know very well over the coming years, so why not plant the foundation of a good friendship now? Besides that, current residents and local employees such as teachers and librarians can give you an inside scoop on the real state of affairs currently.

    At Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc., we can help you find the perfect real estate in the perfect neighborhood, whether it’s in Queens, Nassau, or Suffolk county. Check out our website for helpful tools or to browse what’s currently on the market. 

    Private Mortgage Insurance Explained

    Last updated 7 days ago

    When you start looking at all of the items that will be included in your mortgage payment, it can become just a bit overwhelming. What is all of this stuff that’s going into your escrow, anyway? Why are you paying so much more per month than you calculated?

    One factor that can affect your total payment is private mortgage insurance. Check out this video to learn exactly what private mortgage insurance is and why you might have it on your loan while your best friend never did. It’s just one more reason why it’s good to have a considerable down payment saved up!

    If you’re in the market for rental properties or real estate in the Suffolk, Queens, or Nassau counties, visit Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc. online at You’ll find a great deal of information about open houses, available properties, and more. 

    Download The MLSLI app Today!

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Take MLSLI with You! Download the MLSLI app for quick and easy access to local real estate listings and open houses. Take a look at this video to learn more today!

    Making the Leap to Suburban Living: What You Need to Know

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Whether you’re looking for rental properties or your very own piece of real estate, there’s one thing you’re going to have to decide before you start looking seriously at properties: what type of neighborhood you want. Certain locations fit certain lifestyles better than others, after all. One of the primary housing choices you’ll have before you is suburbia. If you’re not sure if suburban living is right for you, here’s what you need to know to decide:

    Each Community is Different
    You could look at houses in two different subdivisions in the same county, and maybe even in the same zip code, and the community will likely have noticeably different standards and ideals. One may be ultra-conservative, while the other leans liberal. One may be driven by the idea of community in general while the other places a heavier emphasis on working hard and having nice things. You need to know what type of community you want to live in, or raise your kids in, and which of your values you won’t budge on.

    The Suburbs Aren’t What They Once Were
    Suburbs are becoming increasingly like semi-rural cities, with many of the same shopping and nightlife options popping up in unlikely locations. This creates an opportunity to continue enjoying the things you love about the city but without the cons that come with city dwelling. If the idea is to get away from it all completely, you’ll probably want to select your suburb a bit more carefully, or scratch the idea and go rural. But this is good news for people who fear they’ll lead a dull and boring life in the suburbs—it’s just not the case anymore!

    If you’re ready to start looking at real estate or rental properties in the suburbs of Nassau, Suffolk, or Queens counties, contact Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc. We can help you find the perfect place, and we offer many tools on our website as well. Just visit to get started.

    Why Renting Could Be Right for You

    Last updated 29 days ago

    When it comes to choosing a residence, it's often far more beneficial to become a renter than a homeowner. For starters, apartments usually have pools and gyms, which otherwise cost thousands to have installed on a private residence. Apartments not only have lower utility costs, they also come with free hot water and maintenance, which saves you even more money.

    Moving into an apartment is far less expensive than buying a house, because there's no hefty down payment. Throughout the course of an apartment residency, there's no real estate tax and your insurance is much lower than for those who own. Whereas homeowner fees fluctuate, monthly rents are locked in place for the span of a lease. It's also much easier to move to a cheaper unit if you rent instead of own.

    Whether you're in the market for a rental property or house, Multiple Listing Services of Long Island, Inc. will help you find the perfect living quarters. With our constantly updated real estate listings, we’ve helped people throughout Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk counties. To see what we have to offer, browse our listings at

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