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    Tips for Investing in Rental Properties

    Last updated 13 hours ago

    In an ever-fluctuating market, there are certain windows during which it is a good idea to invest in rental properties. The market seems to currently be within one of those windows. Here are a few tips for investing in rental properties.

    Find the Right Realtor

    When it comes to investing in rental properties, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the perfect realtor. This is especially important if you are investing for the first time. Your realtor should have a wealth of experience to share with you in terms of helping you find a suitable property for your goals. You can rely on a realtor to give you concrete and trustworthy advice if he or she expects to be doing business with you again in the future.

    Consider the Location

    The location of a property is crucial when it comes to investing for the purpose of renting. It is much more difficult to rent a house in a minimally populated area than it is in an area with high traffic. This is because areas with a large population provide a larger pool of applicants from which you may choose. In addition to population, choose a home that is in a location that appeals to people. Areas with notable school districts or low crime rates tend to draw interest as compared to shady neighborhoods.

    Build a Team

    If you are investing in a rental property for the first time it is important to have plenty of reliable resources. Consider teaming up with a knowledgeable attorney, an accountant, and a property management firm. It is also important to have a maintenance crew on call when you invest in a rental property.

    Now is a great time to invest in rental properties and there is no better way to do so than with Multiple Listing Service of LI, Inc. We specialize in Long Island rental properties in Nassau and Suffolk as well as real estate in Queens. If you would like to know more about our real estate services, please do not hesitate to visit our website today.

    How to Decide Whether to Hold an Open House

    Last updated 13 days ago

    If you are trying to sell your home, it is often a good idea to hold an open house in order to display your home to potential buyers. However, this is not always the best route. Keep reading to find out how to decide whether to hold an open house.


    It is important to attract a significant amount of potential customers when you hold an open house. It is much easier to bring these people in if your home is located in an area where there is constantly an abundance of traffic. The more people drive by your house, the more people are likely to stop in and take a look. It helps to advertise your open house online and in print media, but the location of your dwelling is very important when it comes to bringing people into your open house.


    If you are attempting to sell a high end home, you may want to forego the open house in favor of private tours. Certain people see high end open houses as an opportunity to steal expensive items or simply take a tour of a house for entertainment. Private tours, on the other hand, can be closely monitored and reduce the chance of would-be thieves entering your home. If you believe that your home may be a target, talk to your real estate agent to determine whether or not you should hold an open house.


    An open house will typically only be successful if your house is aesthetically pleasing enough to draw the buyer in. Houses that have been renovated as well as those with interesting or unique features are typically better candidates for a successful open house. Make sure you clean your home and keep it clear of clutter if you are planning an open house.

    If you are in the process of trying to sell your house, do not hesitate to contact Multiple Listing Service of LI, Inc. We are a network of real estate offices that serves the Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk areas. For more information about our real estate services, be sure to visit our website.

    Simple Ways to Make a Rental Property Feel Like Home

    Last updated 26 days ago

    Long Island is home to many fabulous rental properties that are perfect for individuals, couples, and families. It is normal to feel like you are living in someone else’s home when renting an apartment or house, but the right decorating tips and tricks will have you feeling at home in your rental space almost immediately:

    Add Some Color

    Rental properties are known for having white walls that work well with many different styles and are easy to clean in-between tenant stays. Unfortunately, white walls can be a little bland and boring once you move in. Make your new space feel like home by incorporating your favorite colors with paint! Many landlords allow tenants to paint the walls as long as they paint them back to their original color before moving out.

    Hang Pictures and Artwork

    Color can add personality to a space, but what about adding your unique personality? Accomplish this and enhance your new wall colors by hanging pictures and artwork throughout your rental property. Pictures of friends and family members can instantly make your new space feel like home. Your favorite artwork and other wall hangings will show off your superb sense of style.

    Show Off Beautiful Rugs

    Flooring plays an important role in how a room looks and how it feels to its guests. If your rental property flooring is not your dream option, you can cover it up with a beautiful rug. Area rugs and carpets are a quick fix when you cannot actually change the flooring. These items will also make your home cozier for you and your guests!

    Illuminate Your Space

    Lighting fixtures are the ultimate home accessories. These items can help tie a color or décor scheme together while providing the perfect amount of light to show it off! Figure out where you want light in your rental property and look for lamps and other fixtures that will fit in nicely with the space.

    Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc. can help you find the right rental property in Long Island for your needs. Discover our amazing Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens rental property options by checking out our website or contacting our experts today!

    Good Long Island Neighborhoods for First-Time Buyers

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Making the switch from renting to owning marks the start of an exciting new chapter in life! Your family can find the perfect new home by searching through Long Island real estate options found in the areas best neighborhoods for first-time buyers, including:


    If you are looking for a neighborhood with plenty of character and charming qualities the whole family is sure to like, consider looking for your new home in Malverne! This beautiful village features a variety of small and local shops and restaurants, creating an old-town feel that is appealing to residents of all ages. The average home price for this neighborhood is around  $374,000.


    Any first-time homebuyer should feel right at home in Levittown! That is because this neighborhood was originally developed to provide quick housing options for new homebuyers, including veterans, following WWII. The central location makes it easy for residents to get to work in many different parts of the city. Many residents buy their first homes in Levittown and slowly transform them into their dream homes. Buyers can expect to see an average home price of $310,000.

    Valley Stream

    You are sure to find plenty of other families after moving into a home in Valley Stream. This neighborhood has something for everyone, including starter homes, larger homes, and even upcoming options for seniors. Community is highly valued in Valley Stream, making it a great choice for couples or families interested in settling down in a nice neighborhood with plenty of events and activities. Valley Stream’s average home price is around $330,000.


    Your family can enjoy even more great activities and events by selecting Holtsville as your new neighborhood! Holtsville is home to the Town of Brookhaven Ecology Center and Animal Preserve as well as plenty of neighborhood events designed to celebrate holidays and more. As you start looking, you will find that the average home price is $340,000.

    Start looking for your new home with help from Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc.! We specialize in real estate and rental properties throughout Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County. Visit us online for more information.

    Explore the Queens Museum of Art

    Last updated 1 month ago

    There are countless entertaining things to do in Queens, from fine eateries to exciting nightlife and more. Also located in this borough is the Queens Museum of Art. Watch this video for a preview of this Queens museum.

    The Queens Museum of Art is located in Flushing Meadows Park. This historic building hosted the first general assembly of the United Nations in 1946 and is also the site where UNICEF was founded. The Museum of Art hosts contemporary art shows as well as educational programs, making it an excellent attraction for families.

    Multiple Listing Service of LI, Inc. is happy to offer real estate services in the Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens areas. We are a real estate network that specializes in open houses, rental properties, and commercial real estate. Please do not hesitate to visit our website to find out more about what we can do for you today.

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